Bathurst Floods 2013

Bathurst Floods 2013 Update !  1 March 2013 

After over 100 mm rain pouring into city over 24 hours, the raglan creek which always affects Great western highway, once again closes 2 lanes early this morning leading into Bathurst!

Hereford street also affected badly , one lane affected from Trinity heights into town!

In 2012, March 2,  flooding also occurred in Bathurst after rain fell for nearly a week, causing havoc with roads into Bathurst!  Council have plans to deviate water away from Raglan creek and highway closures. Traffic was reported backed up 5 to 10 km East Bound.

A short clip of conditions on highway .

Learmonth Park


Floods Bathurst

Traffic Crawling on Highway towards Kelso



Bathurst Floods

Slow Moving traffic on Great Western Highway