Bathurst Live ATC

Bathurst LIVE ATC Traffic – (OFFLINE) as of 6 AUGUST 2016  

Bathurst Airport CTAF 127.350 mhz, Melbourne Center 135.25, 122.750 ,  Brisbane Centre 133.050

Bathurst airport is a busy regional airport – REX Airlines services this airport on a daily basis – SAAB A340 aircraft are the only type landing for passenger transport daily .   There are also 2 busy flying schools at this aerodrome – one being Central West Flying School which have Jabiru / Cessna and a Bristell aircraft for training and hire .

Bathurst Airport (IATABHSICAOYBTH) is an airport serving Bathurst, New South WalesAustralia.

Located in the Central Tablelands, Bathurst Airport is served by one airline, Regional Express Airlines (Rex). The airports history dates to just prior the Second World War when local politicians campaigned for an airport for Bathurst. The war prompted the Federal Government to establish the aerodrome during the war years, immediately following the war commercial air services commenced with passenger flights to Sydney. Today several flying schools operate at the airport and it is used frequently by trainee pilots during their navigation training. There are no landing charges for aircraft under 2,000 kg (4,400 lb)[4] which makes it a popular option as a destination for many pilots, mostly trainee pilots from Bankstown and Camden Airports in the Sydney Basin.[5]

The airport has two primary runways: one sealed and one brown gravel (with large grass area either side of gravel). The airport also has one secondary runway used for glider traffic. The sealed runway, taxiway and apron have lighting facilities which are pilot-activated.[6]

There were 8,000 landings in 2010 which include recreational flying, business jets, charters, regular passenger flights, emergency services, and Air Force flights. The airport is owned, managed and maintained by theBathurst Regional Council.[7]

Listen live to the traffic in and out of Bathurst – press play on the player below and this will begin the stream.,151.34/7 – Follow aircraft live while listening to the ATC . – traffic in and out of Bathurst



Bathurst Central West Flying school web cam

Bathurst Central West Flying school web cam