Cessna 172 Plane Crash – Putty NSW

Approximate 600pm – 27 October 2014  – I was listening to ATC on my radio scanner – 133.05 was the main radio frequency , operated by Brisbane Centre .

Several airliners – Qantas, Jetstar had monitered and heard the beacon which was activated on 121.5 Mhz .  The beacon was heard around Mudgee, Coonabarabran as they flew over head .

The Cessna had refuelled at Mudgee and was on way to Lustkintyre airport when re ran into trouble and made emergency landing near Putty Valley Road and Box Gap Road .

All photos thanks to Top Notch Video – Sydney 

Location of Vh-ZZD10751987_4760172259346_1222895710_n


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One very lucky man in his 60’s was flown to John Hunter Hospital with serious chest and head injuries – no report as to what has occurred – sure ATSB will be on site to investigate soon .



The aircraft in Question was VH-ZZD   – information below .

VH ZZDPower Driven Aeroplane with TRICYCLE-FIXED landing gear
Single Piston engine

Model: 172G
Serial number: 17254242
Aircraft first registered in Australia: 10 December 1999
Year of manufacture: 1966

Full Registration

Registration holder as of 05 January 2006GOTHAM, Ian Peter Alexander39 Sara Pl
ILKLEY  QLD    4554
AUSTRALIARegistered operator as of 05 January 2006GOTHAM, Ian Peter Alexander

39 Sara Pl
ILKLEY   QLD    4554