Mayday Call

Mayday Call Engine Failure – Story and Youtube clip – photos – Air traffic call.

On 27th December 2012 – a flight back from Wollongong, was at approx 6500 feet, 22 miles to go until landing at Bathurst when the engine started to run rough.

It coughed and spluttered until it completely stopped!

I did all the necessary checks, first of all getting plane into best glide while also looking for paddock.

I made a left turn back over dam towards paddock area, making a Mayday call on 135.25 which you will hear on this clip, recorded by my own radio scanner at home!

If you ask was I, nervous, anxious, one would say yes! My passenger so calm, I know I’ve done hundreds of practice forced landings at the airport, nothing wakes you up more than having to do one for real!

I had one paddock picked out, then remembered an old strip west of golf course near Oberon, I quickly changed and had plenty of height and speed.

I lined up, gave passenger last final briefing, tighten belts, and check for any power lines, fences etc… All clear, over water, over land, full flaps and setup for touch down!

Not knowing what was in paddock, I just kept on the best path which looked like being used by other aircraft or paddock bashing cars or trucks!

I’ve touched down , smoother than I thought the paddock, had a uphill slope  which I only noticed after I had stopped, the slope sure slowed me down, using only little brake coming to a stop.

Completely relieved.  Shaking hand of my also happily relieved passenger, we quickly got out, no damage nothing at all.

Stayed on radio to Melbourne centre that could not hear me on ground, soon heard an Air Ambulance 236 , Melbourne Centre had relay my calls.  I Safely landed and aircraft fine!

Phone calls started by regulation department making sure all were fine, getting location from me.

All I can say keep training and the result will be good.