MH370 – Missing 777 Jet

Flight MH370 has been missing since Saturday 8 March 2014 in waters off Malaysia .

Several unconfirmed reports surfaced on the news as to where the plane was, did it crash, did the plane turn around .
Rescue crews from many countries have sent ships and aircraft to locate this missing 777 aircraft .

Updates as of 13 March 2014 – 1410 AEST – Latest report now advises an Oil rigger saw the plane explode .

from news site – 13 march 2014 
IN what could be the last chilling sighting of missing Flight MH370, an oil rig worker believes he spotted the Malaysia Airlines jetliner burst into flames on Saturday morning.
New Zealander Mike McKay, who is working on a rig operating in the Gulf of Thailand, was so certain he saw the ill-fated flight on fire that he emailed his employers, urging them to pass the information onto authorities.
“Gentlemen. I believe I saw the Malaysian Airlines flight come down. The timing is right,” he wrote.
“I tried to contact Malaysian and Vietnamese officials days ago. But I do not know if the message has been received.
“I am on the oil ring Songa-Mercur off the coast of Vung Tau.
“The surface location of the observation is Lat 08 22′ 30.20″ N Lat 108 42.22.26” E.
“I observed (the plane?) burning at high altitude at a compass bearing of 265* to 275*”
Mr McKay is working on the oil rig Songa Mercur off Vung Tau, on the south east coast of Vietnam. This would put the plane in the same general area where a Chinese satellite has spotted a suspected crash site.

Chinese Satellite supposedly seen 2 large objects in the water – still to be confirmed . –  also possible report from this site if an decompression occurred as well.