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15  May 2016  – Airshow Bathurst Airport 

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Bathurstscan.com – Will give you all the information you require to listen to the local emergency services or car racing events.  This website isn.t all about car racing – providing the information to listen into Emergency Services in NSW .

Bathurstscan.com has been around for many years – under the name Bathurstscan since 2009 .  Providing a large source of radio scanner information – photos and videos of various activities.  Aviation is a large hobby of mine, now being a pilot i have extensive knowledge on Aviation and aircraft .

Live Traffic information from airports and beyond is a fun listening hobby.

Radio Scanners have been around many years – the technology has changed them also – Uniden have made some amazing radio scanners and they get better and better. Media sources use Bathurstscan.com for their listening pleasure and obtaining the latest information from emergency services , this could be accidents , fires.


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