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Programming Radio Scanners

Programming Radio Scanners for APCO 25 – Digital GRN – NXDN – DMR

Update 18 APRIL 2020 –

http://secomms.com.au/product-category/scanners/ – A good supplier of radios here.

Due to COVID 19 – a lot more are staying at home and listening in to the emergency services.

If you are keen to own a radio and listen in – I am happy to program for a fee.   No contact required, you buy the radio, post to me – I program to send back to you.


The radios range in price –

UNIDEN 396XT – Not in production anymore but available to listen to most services. NSW GRN Phase 1 only

UNIDEN 436pt – Much more complex – but able to hear NXDN, DMR /MotoBRO, Phase 2 GRN and Provoice

Uniden 536 – same as above – but desk top version

Uniden SDS100/200 – both high-end models – 100 model is portable, 200 desktop version. Also Phase 1/Phase 2 GRN, NXDN, DMR / Provoice.

Whistler TRX1 /TRX 2 – very different radio to operate compared to the Uniden Brands, built-in NXDN, DMR, Phase 1/ 2 GRN.  Personally, this is a brilliant radio, need to get head around the programming side.

Radio digital Types – 

  • Nexedge (NXDN) – Kenwood Radios
  • DMR ( Digital Mobile Radio)
  • MotoTRBO
  • APCO25 Phase 1 and Phase 2

In the last few years, there are been remarkable changes regarding radio bands and digital. I wouldn’t say they are new kids on the block, NXDN ( Nexegdge ), DMR ( Digital Mobile Radio), MotoTRBO all are very widely used, not forgetting APCO25 used widely by GRN (Government Radio Network). AS there are more and more complicated radios being brought to market, it’s becoming apparent that these are not for the normal person to program. I have been using radios and programming for many many years, including the newer Whistler Trx-1(Portable)  Trx-2 (Desktop) and Uniden 436/ 536 Hp (USA) and PT (AUS ) radios.

Changes in Bandwith 

The massive changes to the bandwidth and so many more users out there, technology getting so much better, something had to be done.

So too had the need for privacy of the bands as well – as the new radios are made, the scanners become better as well.

Uniden 436 PT

Image result for uniden 436

Uniden 536 – P25, Phase 1 /2. NXDN – DMR- Provoice – upgradeable by firmware.

Uniden UH8020S DIN Mount UHF CB Radio

SDS100 Below :

Image result for sds100

SDS 200

Image result for sds 200

Contact me below for info.