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Radio Frequency Lists

Radio Frequency Lists – Ambulance, Fire.

All the useful lists of Radio Frequencies will be listed in this area.  The frequencies become active during race week, a new list will be made stating the use and intention.  Keep visiting closer to the race.

Race Control frequencies from Rescue, Fire, Safety Car, Fire Marshals and Flaggies. – Frequency list used by Car race teams – These do change each year.

Aircraft action from the massive amounts of fly-ins on Sunday. CTAF at Bathurst 127.35 will be the one to listen to as everyone arrives early Sunday morning.

NSW Digital GRN APCO 25 – all talk group lists – NSW Fire & Rescue, NSW Ambulance, NSW RFS, NSW SES. Also how to program the NSW GRN for your Uniden 396 and 996 radio scanners.

NSW Digital Ambulance Talk groups – talk groups, not frequency’s – must be programmed to the APCO 25 system used in Uniden 396, 396Xt, 996 radio scanners.

NSW Fire & Rescue Digital GRN Talk groups

NSW SES Digital GRN Talkgroups

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