Radio Frequency Lists

Radio Frequency Lists – Police, Ambulance, Fire.

All the useful lists of Radio Frequencies will be listed in this area.  As The frequencies become active during race week, new list will be made stating the use and intention.  Keep visiting closer to the race.

Race Control frequencies from Rescue, Fire ,Safety Car, Fire Marshals and Flaggies. – Frequency list used by Car race teams – These do change each year.

Aircraft action from the massive amounts of fly ins on the Sunday. CTAF at Bathurst 127.35 will be the one to listen to as everyone arrives early Sunday morning.

Bathurst Police Frequencies – A list of UHF and VHF Frequencies used in and around Bathurst area.

NSW VHF Police Channel List  – VHF Police frequency list

Bear  Commuications Frequency Lists – frequency used by many companies, hired out to users eg Car race teams.

Comgroup PTY Ltd – A company used for 2010 V8 Supercars in Bathurst.

NSW Digital GRN APCO 25 – all talk group lists – NSW Fire & Rescue, NSW Ambulance , NSW RFS, NSW SES. Also how to program the NSW GRN for your Uniden 396 and 996 radio scanners.

NSW Digital Ambulance Talk groups – talk groups not frequency’s – must be programmed to the APCO 25 system used in Uniden 396, 396Xt, 996 radio scanners.

NSW Fire & Rescue Digital GRN Talk groups

NSW SES Digital GRN Talkgroups


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