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Airtraffic Frequencies Bathurst

Airtraffic Frequencies Bathurst

Plenty of action always occurring on the radio airwaves via your radio scanner listening to AIRTRAFFIC FREQUENCIES.

October 6 2023

Recently, Fly Pelican ceased operations at Bathurst after a short period of operation.  Rex Airlines ceased operations in June 2022.

The closest airport for travel is Orange Airport-

Rex Airlines – daily flights to Sydney, with 737 Jet operations connecting those to Brisbane, Gold Coast, Melbourne, Adelaide

www.LinkAirways.com – Orange – Essendon – Brisbane- please go to the website for details

  • 133.900 – RAAF Roulettes – performing frequency.
  • 126.200 – RAAF Roulettes – this could also be used.
  • 135.250 – Melbourne Center – Flight Information Advisory – Will hear arriving IFR traffic to Bathurst – Orange areas. 
  • 118.500 – IFR Bathurst area during races
  • 127.350 – Bathurst CTAF – Very busy on day of race . 
  • 120.800 – Restricted Helicopter Operations, TV & Commercial, All helicopters are to report on this frequency leaving and approaching the 2 helipads at Mt Panorama. This, as you would imagine, is a busy channel. RAAF Roulettes will also announce their approaching position on this frequency. 
  • Sydney Helicopters are responsible for all Air Traffic to these helipads. All choppers must have been approved before arriving at the track.
  • 133.050 – Brisbane Centre – with a good antenna you can hear this clearly in Bathurst, broadcast from Mt Canobolas, near Orange 
  • 122.750 – Melbourne Centre – Also broadcast from Mt Canobolas,  Will hear many airliners talking as they track inbound and outbound from Sydney. I have heard aircraft talking to Melb Centre near Melbourne and Mildura from Bathurst.  A good frequency to hear the early flights coming into Sydney. This is broadcast on my stream live via Live ATC