Airtraffic Frequencies Bathurst

Airtraffic Frequencies Bathurst

Plenty of action always occuring on the radio airwaves via your radio scanner listening to AIRTRAFFIC FREQUENCIES  .


If your flying into Bathurst please be sure to read all the relevant information – as a Pilot myself, I don’t need to stress this enough…  

Airtraffic is now broadcast via http://www.LIVEATC.NET  – direct link to YBTH is here

Bathurst Airport information

Bathurst Airport Webcam

NOTAM BATHURST 1000 2013 – Finally released Notam for Pilots arriving, or just listening to ATC on scanner

  • 133.900 – RAAF Roulettes – performing frequency.
  • 126.200 – RAAF Roulettes – this could also be used.
  • 135.250 – Melbourne Center – Flight Information Advisory – Will hear arriving IFR traffic to Bathurst – Orange areas. 
  • 119.100Marshalling Service – Attendants to provide parking of aircraft on Rwy 08/26.
  • 127.350 – Bathurst CTAF – Very busy on day of race . 
  • 120.800 – Restricted Helicopter Operations, TV & Commercial, All helicopters to report on this frequency leaving and approaching the 2 helipads at Mt Panorama. This as you would imagine is a busy channel. RAAF Roulettes will also announce their approaching position on this frequency. Arrow Air Services are responsible for all Air Traffic to these helipads. All choppers must have been approved before arriving at the track.
  • 133.050 – Brisbane Centre – with good antenna you can hear this clearly in Bathurst , broadcast from Mt Canobolas, near Orange 
  • 122.750 – Melbourne Centre – Also broadcast from Mt Canobolas,  Will hear many airliners talking as they track inbound and outbound from Sydney . I have heard aircraft talking to Melb Centre near Melbourne and Mildura from Bathurst .  A good frequency to hear the early flights coming into Sydney . This is broadcast on my stream live via Live ATC 

Its a very busy time during Bathurst race week at the airport..

Im often at airport myself  – an avid flyer with approx 300 hours experience..    enjoy your trip where you arrive from.

Dont forget i also have a live radio scanner monitoring the Bathurst Airport including Melb centre on 135.25, and Brisbane Centre on 133.05..  118.5 will be included into stream .  you can listen to all streams here.. –  Race Control and V8 teams will be added here soon .