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Filmed Media NSW

As a part-time camera operator – I attend many types of incidents – be it Fires, Accidents, airport scenes,

I was based in Central West – Bathurst – I have now moved and now covering Mid North Coast from Port Macquarie to Forster areas.

A few of these incidents I have covered will be uploaded here and on Youtube.

Harrington Building Fire 16 November 2017


Gas bottle – Electrical fire – Caravan – Taree


A Huey UH-01 Helo has been used for fire fighting in the Mid North Coast for February Fires 2017


The residents of the fire below – only had recently finished renovating the residence when its alleged the airconditioner┬ácaused the fire.

Some of my most recent scenes – Excavator man stuck in Mud – 7 February 2017 – Kookie Avenue Charlotte Bay.