Bathurst Local Frequencies

Bathurst Local Frequencies 

Bathurst Local Frequencies

Bathurst being a large region city , provides a nice area for plenty of radio chatter – many of the Bathurst Local frequencies not only cover Bathurst , we often hear many other cities well out west of NSW. Bathurstscan provides all you need to hear.

Remember you will required a decent radio scanner like the Uniden 396XT – possibly the best on the market at present and available for $390 on Ebay , this can be programmed by myself if required, contact me on the form in main menu.

Listen to Essential Energy go about their fault finding for the local area, Rural Fire Service fighting their fires , or even the local cabs of Bathurst .  The Airport frequencies for traffic is also available on cheaper scanners.

There is always something to hear on the airwaves , never know what you might listen too.

To hear the emergency services including NSW Ambulance and FIRE – this requires the Digital APCO 25 radio receiver , UNIDEN 396XT – programming by computer is required as the list is large.


  • 468.475 Bathurst – NSW POLICE , PATCHED WITH 78.5875 VHF – MAIN OPERATING CHANNEL – VKG – this channel covers a very wide area if listening in Bathurst.

You will hear towns  – Lithgow, Parkes, Cowra, Grenfell, Oberon, Orange, Molong, Condobolin , Peak Hill, Tottenham , Lake Cargelligo and much more.

  • Mt Panorama Command Channel – NOW DIGITAL also ENCRYPTEDCH 49 469.0500 . Unable to be heard !!

If travelling out of  area, different VHF frequencies apply for Police:

79.4375 Bathurst – Police –  UHF frequency has problems.

78.5625 Oberon – Police

78.2000 Lithgow – Police

78.5000 Lithgow – Police

78.5125 Orange – Police

78.3375 Blayney – Police

78.4125 Hassans Walls  – Police

413.075 – RFS Firecomms – UHF . – most of the RFS are now broadcasting on the NSW GRN Network on Digital

79.2250 – Forestry – Bathurst

79.3500 – National Parks and Wildlife

466.1750 – Essential Energy

162.900 – Taxi Cabs

127.350 – CTAF Airport

135.250 – Melbourne Centre – Heard in Bathurst