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Race Control

Race Control Frequencies

https://www.paypal.me/bathurstscan – please help support this website with a donation and keeping this stream alive.


Race Control frequencies will enable you to hear the operations during the event, including the start, finish, safety car, crashes, fires etc. It’s the best way to know whats happening as it happens. Bathurst 1000 is held every year in October. Bathurst comes alive and there is plenty to hear on the track.

Arm yourself with a Radio Scanner and tune into the lists I will provide closer to the date of the race.  These Race Control Frequencies are always updated, so keep an eye on this page.

Race Control manages the race from start to finish, track closures, Fire events, flag marshals, Safety car and cleaning of track surfaces.  I have visited the control room and its a sea of radios and monitors, all watching and helping everyone on the track.  Would take a certain individual to cope with the workload of these guys and gals.

So next time you’re in Bathurst – tune into my live radio scanner streams and see what they do!

As this is a hobby event,  would really appreciate donations so it covers costs for my gear and time to set up, it’s not a team of people, use all my own equipment, Radio scanners computers, Internet etc..  Usually will take a week to have it ready for the event.

Plenty of updates to come here – DMR – is the technology for Race control.

Information closer to the event