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NSW Rural Fire Service

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RFS PIcThe NSW Rural Fire Service responds to a range of incidents across the State. This table provides an indication of current fires and incidents being attended by NSW Rural Fire Service volunteers. The information provided below, in the list of current fires and incidents, also includes Hazard Reductions.

http://www.rfs.nsw.gov.au/dsp_content.cfm?cat_id=683  – Current Fire and Incidents around the state!

http://www.rfs.nsw.gov.au/dsp_content.cfm?cat_id=1109 – Total fire ban and current fire danger Map.



Prepare Campaign ImageYou must make important decisions before the fire season starts.
  • Your Bush Fire Survival Plan is one of the best ways to help improve the safety of you and your family before the impact of, or during a bush fire.
  • Preparation is not just about cleaning up around the house and having a plan. It is also about making sure you consider your physical, mental and emotional preparedness. Prepare yourself and your family for bush fires.
  • Regardless of your decision to Leave Early or Stay and Defend, you still need to prepare your property against the threat of a bush fire.
Act Campaign ImageThe higher the fire danger rating, the more dangerous the conditions.
  • Part of knowing what to do is knowing the Bush Fire Danger Ratings.                                  The Fire Danger Ratings should be your first trigger for activating your Bush Fire Survival Plan. The safety of you, your family and your home may depend on it.
  • During periods of increased fire danger and when there is a bush fire in your area, it’s important that you stay up to date.
    Information can be found in a variety of places and formats. For more details on what information is available visit our Information during bush fires page.
Act Campaign ImageFires may threaten without warning so you need to know what you will do to survive.


10030 272e D TG01 AVIATN1 Aviation Operations 1 Fire Dispatch
10031 272f D TG02 AVIATN2 Aviation Operations 2 Fire Dispatch
10032 2730 D TG03 AVIATN3 Aviation Operations 3 Fire Dispatch
10033 2731 D TG04 AVIATN4 Aviation Operations 4 Fire Dispatch
10034 2732 D TG05 AVIATN5 Aviation Operations 5 Fire Dispatch
10035 2733 D TG06 AVIATN6 Aviation Operations 6 Fire Dispatch
10036 2734 D eG019 BKM HL Baulkham Hills Fire Dispatch
10037 2735 D eG020 BL MTN Blue Mountains Fire Dispatch
10038 2736 D TG07 CISS Critical Incident Support Services Fire Dispatch
10039 2737 D TG08 COM ED1 Communication Education 1 Fire Dispatch
10040 2738 D TG09 COM ED2 Communication Education 2 Fire Dispatch
10041 2739 D TG10 COM ED3 Communication Education 3 Fire Dispatch
10042 273a D eG023 CMBRLD Cumberland Fire Dispatch
10043 273b D eG024 EST OP East Operations Fire Dispatch
10044 273c D TG21 EXEC OP Executive Operations Fire Dispatch
10045 273d D TG22 FIU 1 Fire Investigation Unit 1 Fire Dispatch
10046 273e D TG23 FIU 2 Fire Investigation Unit 2 Fire Dispatch
10047 273f D eG026 GOSFRD Gosford Fire Dispatch
10048 2740 D eG027 HWKSB Hawkesbury Fire Dispatch
10049 2741 D eG028 HRNSBY Hornsby Fire Dispatch
10050 2742 D TG24 LDS 1 Learning and Development Systems 1 Fire Dispatch
10051 2743 D TG25 LDS 2 Learning and Development Systems 2 Fire Dispatch
10052 2744 D eG032 MCRTHR Macarthur Fire Dispatch
10053 2745 D TG26 MEDIA1 Media 1 Fire Dispatch
10054 2746 D TG27 MEDIA2 Media 2 Fire Dispatch
10055 2747 D TG28 OP COM1 Operations Communications 1 Fire Dispatch
10056 2748 D TG29 OP COM2 Operations Communications 2 Fire Dispatch
10057 2749 D TG30 OP COM3 Operations Communications 3 Fire Dispatch
10058 274a D TG31 OPS 1 Special Operations/Training 1 Fire Dispatch
10059 274b D TG32 OPS 2 Special Operations/Training 2 Fire Dispatch
10060 274c D TG33 OPS 3 Special Operations/Training 3 Fire Dispatch
10061 274d D TG34 OPS 4 Special Operations/Training 4 Fire Dispatch
10062 274e D TG35 OPS 5 Special Operations/Training 5 Fire Dispatch
10063 274f D TG36 OPS 6 Special Operations/Training 6 Fire Dispatch
10064 2750 D TG37 OPS 7 Special Operations/Training 7 Fire Dispatch
10065 2751 D TG38 OPS 8 Special Operations/Training 8 Fire Dispatch
10066 2752 D TG39 OPS 9 Special Operations/Training 9 Fire Dispatch
10067 2753 D TG40 OPS 10 Special Operations/Training 10 Fire Dispatch
10068 2754 D TG41 OPS 11 Special Operations/Training 11 Fire Dispatch
10069 2755 D TG42 OPS 12 Special Operations/Training 12 Fire Dispatch
10070 2756 D TG43 OPS 13 Special Operations/Training 13 Fire Dispatch
10071 2757 D TG44 OPS 14 Special Operations/Training 14 Fire Dispatch
10072 2758 D TG45 OPS 15 Special Operations/Training 15 Fire Dispatch
10073 2759 D eG034 RG EST East Region Coordination Fire Dispatch
10074 275a D TG57 STATEOP State Operations Fire Dispatch
10075 275b D eG035 STHRLD Sutherland Fire Dispatch
10076 275c D eG037 WARNGH Warringah Fire Dispatch
10079 275f D TG11 DSPCH1 Dispatch Operations 1 Fire Dispatch
10080 2760 D TG12 DSPCH2 Dispatch Operations 2 Fire Dispatch
10081 2761 D TG13 DSPCH3 Dispatch Operations 3 Fire Dispatch
10082 2762 D TG14 DSPCH4 Dispatch Operations 4 Fire Dispatch
10083 2763 D TG15 DSPCH5 Dispatch Operations 5 Fire Dispatch
10092 276c D TG51 SMSS 1 State Mitigation & Support 1 Fire Dispatch
10093 276d D TG52 SMSS 2 State Mitigation & Support 2 Fire Dispatch
20000 4e20 D wG016 BAR DL Barwon/Darling Fire Dispatch
20001 4e21 D wG018 CANBLS Canobolas Fire Dispatch
20002 4e22 D nG013 CSTRGH Castlereagh Fire Dispatch
20003 4e23 D eG021 CHIFLY Chifley Fire Dispatch
20004 4e24 D nG014 CL VLY Clarence Valley Fire Dispatch
20005 4e25 D wG019 CDGNG Cudgegong Fire Dispatch
20006 4e26 D nG015 FNC Far North Coast Fire Dispatch
20007 4e27 D wG020 FARWST Far West Fire Dispatch
20008 4e28 D eG031 LR HTR Lower Hunter Fire Dispatch
20009 4e29 D eG029 HUNTVL Hunter Valley Fire Dispatch
20010 4e2a D eG022 LTHGOW Lithgow Fire Dispatch
20011 4e2b D nG016 LVPL R Liverpool Range Fire Dispatch
20012 4e2c D nG017 LNC Lower North Coast Fire Dispatch
20013 4e2d D eG033 MD CST Mid Coast Fire Dispatch
20014 4e2e D wG021 MD LCH Mid Lachlan Fire Dispatch
20015 4e2f D nG018 MNC Mid North Coast Fire Dispatch
20016 4e30 D nG019 N GWDR Namoi/Gwydir Fire Dispatch
20017 4e31 D nG020 NW ENG New England Fire Dispatch
20018 4e32 D nG021 NTH OP North Operations Fire Dispatch
20019 4e33 D wG023 NTHWST North West Fire Dispatch
20020 4e34 D nG022 NTHN R Northern Rivers Fire Dispatch
20021 4e35 D nG023 NTH TB Northern Tablelands Fire Dispatch
20022 4e36 D wG024 ORANA Orana Fire Dispatch
20023 4e37 D nG024 RG NTH North Region Coordination Fire Dispatch
20024 4e38 D wG025 RG WST West Region Coordination Fire Dispatch
20025 4e39 D nG025 TMWRTH Tamworth Fire Dispatch
20026 4e3a D eG036 TLAKES The Lakes Fire Dispatch
20027 4e3b D wG027 WST OP West Operations Fire Dispatch
20028 4e3c D TG19 DSPCH9 Dispatch Operations 9 Fire Dispatch
20029 4e3d D TG20 DSPCH10 Dispatch Operations 10 Fire Dispatch
20034 4e42 D TG53 SMSS 3 State Mitigation & Support 3 Fire Dispatch
20035 4e43 D TG54 SMSS 4 State Mitigation & Support 4 Fire Dispatch
20036 4e44 D TG16 DSPCH6 Dispatch Operations 6 Fire Dispatch
20037 4e45 D TG17 DSPCH7 Dispatch Operations 7 Fire Dispatch
20038 4e46 D TG46 OPS 16 Special Operations/Training 16 Fire Dispatch
20039 4e47 D TG47 OPS 17 Special Operations/Training 17 Fire Dispatch
20040 4e48 D TG48 OPS 18 Special Operations/Training 18 Fire Dispatch
30000 7530 D wG017 BLD TM Bland/Temora Fire Dispatch
30001 7531 D sG016 FSC Far South Coast Fire Dispatch
30002 7532 D sG027 S BDR Southern Border Fire Dispatch
30003 7533 D eG030 ILWARA Illawarra Fire Dispatch
30004 7534 D sG017 LK GRG Lake George Fire Dispatch
30005 7535 D sG018 LR WTN Lower Western Fire Dispatch
30006 7536 D sG019 MIA MIA Fire Dispatch
30007 7537 D sG020 MD MUR Mid Murray Fire Dispatch
30008 7538 D wG022 MD WST Mid West Fire Dispatch
30009 7539 D sG021 MONARO Monaro Fire Dispatch
30010 753a D sG022 RG STH South Region Coordination Fire Dispatch
30011 753b D sG023 RV HLD Riverina Highlands Fire Dispatch
30012 753c D sG024 RVERNA Riverina Fire Dispatch
30013 753d D sG025 SHLHN Shoalhaven Fire Dispatch
30014 753e D sG026 STH OP South Operations Fire Dispatch
30015 753f D wG026 SWSZ South Western Slopes Zone Fire Dispatch
30016 7540 D sG028 STN TD Southern Tablelands Fire Dispatch
30017 7541 D eG038 WNGCRI Wingecarribee Fire Dispatch
30024 7548 D TG55 SMSS 5 State Mitigation & Support 5 Fire Dispatch
30025 7549 D TG56 SMSS 6 State Mitigation & Support 6 Fire Dispatch
30026 754a D TG18 DSPCH8 Dispatch Operations 8 Fire Dispatch
30027 754b D TG49 OPS 19 Special Operations/Training 19 Fire Dispatch
30028 754c D TG50 OPS 20 Special Operations/Training 20 Fire Dispatch