A new Webcam – this one based at Bathurst airport but faces NW.


A great webcam located at Bathurst airport east of the city. Watch storms roll in as the webcam updates each 5 min. Bathurst Airport Webcam , located at Raglan point WEST. – This will update every 5 min – click on image to see larger version  .


Central West Flying School, a Bathurst flying school that offers a web cam to their students so they can check out the conditions at Bathurst airport before they leave home. Check for cloud cover, fog, rain and wind direction / strength. Live webcam showing the view west from the Bathurst flying school’s training facility. The camera normally updates every 5 minutes. Click refresh to update the photo. Click on the image for a larger size. – SNow Cams – Webcams from NSW – Check this amazing collection of professional Cameras.


Bathurst Central West Flying school web cam

Bathurst Central West Flying school web cam – Live ATC from Bathurst Airport