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Bathurstscan Mobile access

Bathurstscan Mobile access – will help you on the move get the information you require.

Iphone imageYou might be at the track and require the latest radio frequencies for Race Control or the V8 teams, all is very easy via the smartphone technology.


An added feature if  you have the Iphone, download the Application 5-0 Radio,  this will enable you to listen to the live stream Direct from Bathurst while on the track.

Webpage for download

You can visit the mobile page from radio reference to access the live stream also.

Visit this link MOBILE ACCESS on your iphone or any phone accessible by the net.  Please make sure you have a good data plan to listen to this over time.

50 Radio is a brilliant application enabling you to listen live on your smartphone.

Download the Application on your iphone follow these instructions . : –

  • Open 50 Radio
  • Click on browse Scanner Feeds
  • Select Australia as the Country
  • Select NSW
  • Select Central West
  • My Stream is labelled  Central West Police, Ambulance Fire, Rural Fire Service

My stream will now start automatically!

Any new streams created for V8 Races will all be under the same heading for CW, eg Race Control Bathurst .   You can save as Favourites using the top right hand arrow for feeds you listen to often!

Hope this helps and any help, email me bathurstscan@gmail.com