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About Bathurstscan

Bathurstscan.com  – Home of the Bathurst Mt Panorama Car Races

uniden 996Bathurstscan is not only about listening to the Mt Panorama Car races, V8 teams Securty etc.  As bathurstscan.com initially was about the car races, the radio communications available around this immediate area are very large!

I mainly concentrate on media-related information,  accidents, major incidents, and things that will trigger interest in the public.!  A surprising amount of information is available for radio scanning on this website!

I’m not keen on listening to taxi cabs, hotels, the boring stuff!   We want interesting listening!   What really interested me initially was listening to Aircraft overhead, what are they doing, what is their Terminology!  Lucky for me, I’m now a pilot and will be teaching people to fly very soon!

I first tried to listen in on the Mt Panorama Action in 1989, where you had Pits Runners, and Race Control, still very limited and not very high-tech.

I also provide plenty of information for programming radio scanners, frequency details for Police, and the new NSW Digital GRN network which started in Feb 2011.

My background goes back to 1987 when I first purchased a Pro-2010 desktop scanner, before the internet and google to find those illusive radio frequencies.

You will also see how the changes have occurred to NSW GRN! Digital GRN

I do have a wealth of knowledge in Radio Systems and Radio Scanning, if you need a question asked, please don’t hesitate to contact me via the form on the front page, and I will answer as soon as possible.


Email bathurstscan@gmail.com