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Category: Accident

Man dies saving girl – Ben Chifley dam

Local News – Bathurst  At 730 pm on 22nd November – Ben Chifley Dam south of Bathurst – 2 people in a kayak overturned  – the man 36 yo managed to help the 5 yo girl back in the kayak

MVA – Dunkeld Mitchell Highway

At 3pm 15 km west of Bathurst on Mitchell highway , 2 cars collided on corner of Dunkeld road and highway .. One car ended into embankment caught alight , then causing bushfire – high winds helped fan the fire

Cessna 172 Plane Crash – Putty NSW

Approximate 600pm – 27 October 2014  – I was listening to ATC on my radio scanner – 133.05 was the main radio frequency , operated by Brisbane Centre . Several airliners – Qantas, Jetstar had monitered and heard the beacon

Cirrus Crash Blue Mountains

Cirrus Crash On 10th May 2014 – A Cirrus SR 22 GTS aircraft encountered a mechanical fault while on a demo flight over Blue Mountains in NSW .  Registration N802DK 2.10pm – the Cirrus released its BRS ( Ballistic Recovery System

MH370 – Missing 777 Jet

Flight MH370 has been missing since Saturday 8 March 2014 in waters off Malaysia . Several unconfirmed reports surfaced on the news as to where the plane was, did it crash, did the plane turn around . Rescue crews from

Motorbike Hits Horse – Lyndhurst

Tuesday evening on the 11 march 2014 approx 815pm , Motorbike rider with passenger hits a horse while riding on the Mid western highway near Lyndhurst .  The 56 Year old rider has died, his 29 yo passenger suffered severe

Raglan Accident

8 March 2013 Early Am on Great Western Highway and Napolean Street Raglan, 2 vehicles collided, the 4wd flipping onto its roof. Both extensively damaged and both towed.. All emergency services attended with only minor injuries, no one transported! Traffic

Bathurst Accident Stewart Street

4 March 2013   A minor accident which had one car overturned on highway Stewart street, caused minor problems with traffic as police directed traffic away from scene until tow trucks righted car.! Driver was ok treated by passing ambulance.

Bathurst Accident 2013

March 1 2013 At Approximate 335 Pm  – two Cars Collided head on  – Mitchel Highway  – 6 km outside Bathurst. All emergency Services attended – both lanes closed as Rescue 22 from Orange responded to the scene, landing on

Fatal Accident Glanmire

Fatal Accident Glanmire – 24 Nov 2012 At 1.40pm on 24th November 2012, 2 cars and a truck collided head on , occurred 10 km east of Bathurst on the Great western Highway at Glanmire! Emergency services nearby at an

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